An indoor half court makes pick-up games all year round possible. Bring friends to join in a game. Basketballs are free for members. Non-marking court shoes are required for play.

The Club Shoe Policy

No Outside Shoes Inside
The Club requires clean athletic shoes on all surfaces. Please bring a clean pair of athletic shoes with you, change into them (we have benches in the Reception Area) and leave your outside shoes in a locker, cubby space, or under the bench.
Racquetball & Basketball Courts
Racquetball & Basketball require Court Shoes. Court Shoes are non-marking, will not leave black streaks on court surfaces, and are specifically made for Court Sports.
Thanks for your support of The Club. Your compliance with the Shoe Policy creates a clean, safe and long-lasting environment for Club Members, Vacationers, Condominium Owners and most importantly- you and your family.

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