For water lovers or even those who love a change of pace in their workouts, The Club offers a beautiful aquatics area. Locker rooms and showers located next to pool area.
  • The Club’s 18 yard pool is an 82 degree saline pool. Unlike chlorine a
    salt water pool doesn’t discolor your hair, is more buoyant and refreshing
  • Lap swimming lanes are always available. Kick boards and Pull Buoys are provided.
  • Our 102 degree Hot Tub uses a chlorinated system and features jet propulsion water inlets.
  • We have a redwood dry sauna that is 170 degrees.

Swim Pool, Hot Tub & Sauna Rules

  • Please shower before using these areas.
  • Children in the pool must have an Adult directly watching them at all times
    (an adult is age 18 and up).
  • No Children in Sauna… they are at risk of Heat Stroke.
  • No Child under the age of five in the Hot Tub… they are at risk of Heat Stroke.
  • Children under two years of age must wear a diaper made for pool use.
  • No alcohol, food or drink in The Club.
  • No hanging on Lane Ropes.
  • No running or jumping in the Pool.
  • No throwing balls, kick boards, toys, goggles nor any item in the pool.


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